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      The Rebetiko Club  

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The Original and still the Best site on the Web, for all types of info concerning the art of Rebetiko. Webmaster and part time Rebetis George Panagiotakopoulos ( photo left ), created and is the Webmaster/Administrator, of this outstanding and informative Hellenic Cultural niche on the Net. George includes an insightful Historical Essay by Dimitris Kourzakis, as well as a very interesting " Time-Line", which is an easy to follow graphic outline, that identifies some of the significant events in the history of Rebetiko. Rebetis George has provided a list of the Rebetiko Clubs members, along with their brief Testimonial regarding their relationship with the Genre.  The Rebetiko club is also the home to an interesting and lively " Forum" (mostly in Greek) that will inform and educate.        

       The Rebetissis    

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This is a Web site out of Great Britain dedicated to the Women of Rebetiko.  Diane Mueller has done an excellent  job and is to be highly commended in having compiled a good deal of very hard to find information on the women who gave many of the Classic Rebetiko songs, some of their greatest interpretations. Diane has also thoughtfully provided a Bibliography & Discography along with audio clips of each of the women profiled.  So definitely take a quick Cyber-trip across the pond , pour yourself a cup of tea (along with a shot of seven star Metaxa) and say Yasou & Cheers to Rebetiko's own Lady Di !



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Once again out of Great Britain a short but loving WWW Tribute to the one and only inimitable Roza Eskenazy. Jokn Kyriacou of London provides a fascinating portrait of this Queen of the early Rebetissis. John also takes a brief look at a few of Roza's contemporaries and the personal and professional relationships she had formed with them over the many years of  her very long and equally distinguished career.     


 From San Francisco

A little Eastern music Theory

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Eliot Bates is a musician who lives in San Francisco, California. In addition to his interest in Rebetika music, he studies Turkish Sanat and folk music, Arabic music and Indonesian gamelan. For 5 years he has been the Oud player and singer for Farabi, a Southern-Californian oriental music ensemble, which has released 4 full-length albums. He holds a Masters in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University and invites critique and discussion of everything on and not on this website!                                                                                                                            

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From Australia

Sam's Bouzouke Site

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Take a quick trip "Down under"  to learn a thing or two about actually playing that " Damn Criminal  instrument ".  Sam Gardounis had one of the first Bouzouke sites on the Net and is still going strong.  All kinds of good stuff concerning the instrument  along with great links to a few other Greek music sites.  So say "Gd'day" throw some Shrimp on the Barbie and just kick back and chill out with a Bouzouke lesson or two from  Adelaide's own "Crocodile Sam"  while dining on all those delicious barbecued miniature Mollusks !

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Yannis K. Ioannou is a contemporary Greek Composer based in Athens who publishes a Web Site, that is something of an Information Center and WWW Ezine called "Greek Music Today". With an extensive and very impressive lists of credits, Ioaanou seems to be a fearless and dedicated champion of his art and this Site well reflects that overall commitment.  In fact, this is probably the best Site I've ever seen on the Net for the dissemination of info concerning the subject of all things related to the current Greek music scene. While the site's primary focus is on any and all issues related to the current  Hellenic music industry ( as opposed to one devoted to Rebetiko ), it is very well done and definitely worth a visit. Click on Yannis sitting at the Steinway and off you go. 


  Ed Emery's


The purpose of the "Institute of Rebetology", is to "create a location for serious Academic research on the subject of Rebetika Music. Ed Emery's sole intention is to make a "small contribution, in improving the state of Rebetological studies worldwide". Click on the Sun above and join in Parea with Ed to bring yourself up to date with some of the latest issues. 



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The Movie


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Click on the Rebetis to vote for the movie "Rebetiko" at the Internet Movie Database. This is the now legendary film by Costas Ferris released in 1983, that was instrumental in resurrecting much of the genuine interest for not only the music, but for the history of the period as well. The film is controversial, mesmerizing and unforgettable !  Also while your at the IMDb , check out two more Classic films  America America (1963) and  Mediterraneano (1991).  

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Alan Gray of Brighton England who (as he once told me) "speaks English like a native"  for his phenomenally effective CD procuring  efforts and  editorial  advice.








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