Chrysoula Christopoulou

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Chrysoula Christopoulu is one of a handful of contemporary vocalists, that is actively carrying the torch of the traditional "I Derbederssia", into the next Millennium .  Think of her as Rebetissis 2000 ! While Biographical information is still a bit scant at this point , what we do know  is that she was discovered by the director of the film "Rembetiko" Costas Ferris , while working in  (of all places) Berlin Germany . Chrysoula Christopoulu remarkable evolution as a Rebetissa revivalist , has quickly distinguished her as one of the brightest talents on the current Greek music scene . While her interpretive style is similar to that of the "Classic" or Piareus school of the traditional Rebetissis , her ingratiating sweet Soprano voice is actually somewhat more reminiscent of the women from the old Smyernic period , such as Rita Abatzi or Roza Eskenazy .  She is an active participant on both Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 of the well received CD's entitled "the Rebetiko song Today", on the FM label and discussed in the CD review section on this site .  She was also one of the featured vocalists for the now Classic TV production on the history of Rebetiko music , that was taped for a NGTV special around 1991 and also directed by Ferris titled "Sto Thoma - O Kosmos Tou Rebetikou"   ( At Thomas's - the World of Rebetiko" ) . We are looking forward to future recordings by Chrysoula Christopoulou with genuine anticipation .