Aman Amin

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If ever there was such a thing as a "Rebetiko Romp" this would most assuredly be it !  One of the great modern Rebetiko CD's (and Video) of all time with some of the best performances you are ever going to hear. This recording is the double CD set, from the Stage play "Aman Amin ", which is also available on VHS video.  It is basically ( but not exactly) a variation of the Stavros Xarthakos score, that was used in the Costas Ferris 1983 production of the movie " Rembetiko ".  However unlike the movie soundtrack, this CD is an actual performance recorded live on stage.  Simply put, the music in Aman Amin is nothing short of Electric ! This Stage play is really more a series of musical vignettes, that tries to capture (very successfully) the spirit of the old Rebetic lifestyle, rather then an attempt to duplicate the dramatic story line that had been portrayed in the film. The entire cast is first rate and includes the veteran Rebetissis Poly Panou, as well as (interestingly enough), the actress Sotiria Leonardou, who turned in a remarkable performance in her lead role as "Marika" for the 1983 film.  Although much of the music was actually written by Xarthakos using Rebetic themes and Motifs, the interpretations are so effective, that the question of authenticity is quickly relegated a non-issue.  In fact a number of these original compositions are real show stoppers and have since taken their place as contemporary Rebetic style " War-horses " for many revivalists musicians.  However there are also several numbers by Tsitsanis, along with a few by Papaioannou and Markos Vamvakaris for good measure and all are performed to optimal levels of expertise by a cast, that very convincingly demonstrates it is nothing short of World Class. Definitely a super Winner !   

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