Haris Alexiou

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Many people feel Haris Alexiou to be the most accomplished female vocalist in Greece to date .  In fact she is probably one of the most accomplished singers Greece has ever produced . With an absorbing presentation that really does have it all , there does not  seem to be a single category of music she cannot interpret and interpret convincingly .  Often billed and promoted as "The Female Voice of Greece", she is what we might classify in the USA as the archetypical "Torch Singer".  However in her native country , she is usually categorized as an artist of "Endehna" or the crafted song , which in reality is a more accurate description of her primary style .   For example a "Crafted " song in the USA , might make us think of the compositions written of  Gershwin  or Cole Porter .  However all PR aside call her what you will , as long as you follow it up with the word superb .  Alexiou has a voice that bespeaks a rare and understated feminine elegance , as well as a natural and unadorned type of sophistication , that strikes you like a silent thunderstorm when you first hear it . If you think this description may be a bit over the top in the "Waxing Rapsodic" department , you obviously have never had the pleasure dear reader. One of the other "secrets" that make her delivery so palatable , may be that much like the Rebetissis from days gone by , her extraordinary ability to "turn a phrase" is always an omnipresent characteristic in her interpretation , that rarely fails to hit you right between the ears . You don't just listen to the lyrics , you can practically feel them !  It's a characteristic she seems to communicate naturally and effortlessly without the slightest trace of any superficially contrived or gratuitous "show biz" type of affectation .  Always the unmistakable mark of a great Artist .  She has released numerous recordings since the early 70's , but as far as I can tell , has never released one that focuses specifically on the Classic style Rebetika .  She has recorded Rebetika compositions to be sure , but never an entire album devoted solely to that particular genre .  Hopefully one day she will see fit to rectify this little oversight in her career . If and when she does ,Chicago Pete will be first in line with credit card in hand !  Let's just hope it will be a double CD set , because Haris Alexiou is about as good , as good can get !    


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