The Rebetiko Song Today

VOL. 1 - FM 323

VOL. 2 - FM 352


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This is a two Volume set (available separately) of what we might call a "Rebetiko Reviva l" that was recorded live at the "Metro" in Greece and features Anna Chrysafi, Kostas Kaplanis and Takis Binis. They are joined by Babis Tsertos along with the young and very talented Chrysoula Christopoulou, who is fast becoming one of the great Revivalist Rebetissis for the 21st century.  Both CD's are fascinating in that they are excellent examples, of three authentic old-time Rebetiko artists, who are still "Doing the Deed ". Anna Chrysafi in particular is amazing on Vol 1.  Not only is she still out there giving live performances but giving them with a dedication and commitment, that makes it hard to believe this is one of the women who was actually one of the great Rebetissis, that started her singing career during the late 1940's. On this recording Chrysafi performs like an " I Derbedissa " possessed and has the entire audience in the palm of her hand, inciting them to sing right along with her, on every one of the "Ta Palia Rebetika".  Perhaps they should have titled this CD "Chrysafi in Charge".  While her voice may no longer be as strong as it once was , she is still very much a Rebetissia to be reckoned with and along with Takis Binis on Volume two, is a very effective advocate in communicating those old Rebetic traditions and sentiments from another Era.  Both Binis and Chrysafi are accompanied by Chrysoula Christopoulou who interestingly enough seems to be one of the few vocalists of her generation , that has the capacity and courage to take up the Rebetiko torch and really run with it.  With an ingratiating soprano that is probably more reminiscent of the early Rebetissis such as Roza Eskenazi and Rita Abatzi then the Women from the "Classical" period, Chrysoula Christopoulou (who's first name is means precious) gives the house an exemplary display of her talent and that talent is considerable. She in turn is joined by another outstanding present day Rebetiko specialist Bebis Tsertos.  The whole package is excellent and makes for one Hell of a night out of live Rebetiko, even if it is only in your living room.  Highly recommended !          



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