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Welcome to "Chicago Pete's Rebetiko Row". This site is dedicated to a musical art form, that originated in Greece binary trade options during the first half of the 20th Century. It was a sound whose inauspicious origins were first heard in the Opium Dens, Hash houses, Cabarets, Brothels and prisons, that had once been prevalent in that part of the world during a period in time, much of which has now been either lost, forgotten, stolen or strayed.  Hopefully the content presented here, might serve to rekindle an interest in this Era and elicit more then just a passing curiosity regarding it's music. Hopefully it will also awaken an interest in the greater historical context of the period as well.  However on this Site we have concentrated our efforts and are primarily concerned with the music, that reflected this long forgotten period in time. We hope you will enjoy this Virtual journey and that you will pay a visit to the related links provided. Real Audio Player or it's equivalent will be required to activate the sound files contained in the  "Review" section.  So brew yourself a strong cup of Turkish Coffee, get comfortable and buckle up your seat belts, binary trades it's going to be a Rocky ride !   



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